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 Changing in the electronic components industry and technological innovation are constantly is evolving, unless we do grow up with changing in the electronic components industry and technological innovation, we will be being killed off in this market.

 Bando M&E CO.,LTD has been expanding its business area to meet customers' needs for high quality, high performance and new products in the electronic parts industry since founded 1988.

 We are suppling the CONNECTOR, RELAY, WIRE, HARNESS ACCESSARY as a distributor of TE Connectivity, LS CABLE, SMART ELECTRONICS, SUNGHO ELECTRONICS, and HELLERMANN TYTON for electronic industry and AUTOMOTIVE to HARNESS ASSEMBLY and PCB production.


 And we are always building the best system to ensure prompt response to customers' requests as well as the best quality.


 We will continue to strive to serve as the best supply partner to respond to customers' needs, not just distributor of the MAKER and USER In the future.


Thank you.


President Lee Suk Hyung

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51, Seobu-ro 1637beon-gil, Juchon-myeon, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea(50968)

Tel   +82-55-329-0081~3   Fax  +82-55-329-0080

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